For tourist guides

If your business activity is connected with services provided to a tourism sector, the GuideTour system is an offer for you !!

Tourist guides and tour leaders may achieve a new quality of their services and increase the comfort of their work. Stand out in the market by ensuring a clear transmission and understandable information. Supporting extensive knowledge with modern technology will make the tourists appreciate your services and remember you as a highly specialized professional. In the era of such fierce competition, it is crucial to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Experience suggests that a tourist is an exceptionally strict reviewer. Hence, trust a reliable partner.

  • Increase the quality of the provided services

    By means of using the GuideTour headphone system, you will add a new dimension to your services. Your customers will hear you more clearly than before, absorbing even more of the interesting information. The devices are light and very easy to use, so they do not pose any additional burden while visiting a place. Owing to a wireless audio transmission system, you will not have to call a dispersed group of people and ask to have their attention any more. When talking by means of the system, you do not have to face the group all the time, but you can present the monuments in style, draw tourists' attention to architectural zest and gesticulate freely. GuideTour will help you to convey your knowledge to the tourists unreservedly. Also the elderly or those with hearing disorders will be able to fully participate in a visit. Provide your Customers with comfort which they expect.

  • Maintain permanent contact with tourists

    When visiting cities or buildings, the group is in constant movement. Their frequent change of place poses problems with keeping an orderly formation. At times, the second part of the group does not manage to cross the street at a green light, others turn into a wrong direction, some may stray away from the group without knowing it. Every tourist guide knows such a situation very well. For this reason, by means of GuideTour, a guide can not only convey sightseeing information, but also control their group. The contact which is maintained at all times facilitates disciplining the tourists, which makes your job much easier.

  • Implement innovative solutions

    Mobile audio radio systems are still a modern solution. You have a chance to provide you clients with an easy to use, light and effective system of one-way audio transmission. Don't wait until the service becomes a standard.

  • Gain prestige and advantage over your competition

    Offering your services based on the GuideTour system, you create a significant advantage over your competition. Clients who participate in a sightseeing programme with the use of our devices will in the future seek offers which include similar solutions. GuideTour can help you in achieving a high level of tourists' satisfaction and convince your contracting partners to use your services again. With the GuideTour system you will gain reputability and prestige.

  • Generate additional income

    GuideTour in an investment which pays off. Apart from strengthening your market position, the system will enable you to offer additional services to your contracting partners. A lot of clients will be glad to pay an additional fee in order to fully participate in sightseeing. Likewise, most of reputable travel agencies will buy the service in an effort to satisfy their clients and in order to create a comprehensive offer. Tourist guides will be able to offer the use of their set of GuideTour during events at which they provide their services. By acquiring the GuideTour system you open new income opportunities for yourself.

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