For travel agencies

If your business activity is connected with the organisation of tourist trips, pilgrimages or company motivational meetings, the GuideTour system is an offer for you!

Travel agencies may offer their clients an additional service which will supplement a well-prepared offer of trips and pilgrimages. Trip participants who use a portable audio system absorb the information that they are given much more effectively. As they do not need to focus their full attention on the guide, they may savour the attractions more comfortably and enjoy their trip more. Also the elderly and people with hearing disorders become full participants of each visit. Organizers who provide their clients with the GuideTour system for the whole duration of the trip increase the attractiveness of their offer and gain prestige and a significant advantage over their competition. For a lot of companies offering the use of the system for a fee is an additional source of income, while for their clients it is a source of comfort which they expect. GuideTour offers a win-win solution.

  • Increase the quality of the provided services

    GuideTour headphone systems are easy to use, light and modern. Their users can hear their tourist guide or tour leader clearly, which results in their absorbing the information communicated to them more effectively. They do not have to focus all their attention on the guide; they can relish the attractions more comfortably and experience the trip better. Also the elderly or those with hearing disorders will be able to fully participate in a visit. Provide your Customers with comfort which they expect.

  • Introduce an innovative and complex solution

    Mobile audio radio systems are still a modern solution. You have a chance to offer the participants of your trips an easy to use, light and effective system of one-way audio transmission. Don't wait until the service becomes a standard. Also remember that when using the GuideTour system, your clients do not need to pay any additional fees for renting local systems. Using one set during the whole trip is a more comfortable, hygienic and often cheaper solution.

  • Gain prestige and advantage over your competition

    By offering your product complemented with the service of using the GuideTour system, you create a significant advantage over your competition. Clients who will travel with our devices will look for offers including a similar solution in the future. GuideTour can help you in achieving a high level of satisfaction among the participants of the event and convince them to use your services once again. Using advanced solutions is also an important factor in building your company's brand. Your company will gain additional prestige with the GuideTour system.

  • Generate additional income

    GuideTour in an investment which pays off. Apart from strengthening the company's potential, the system enables you to offer an additional service. Fees for headphone sets for visitors are obligatory in a lot of places and the cost is usually covered by participants of the trip. By making the GuideTour system available to tourists, it is the organizer who charges the relevant fees, which in turn become the organizer's additional income. As most of the time the cost of rental does not differ significantly from the total of fees paid for renting the devices at various destinations, the participants do not feel the additional expense. Therefore, it is a win-win solution.

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