About us

GuideTour company has been established with a view to propagate modern tourism and create new quality on the market of tourist services by providing wireless systems for guiding visitors. Our offer is enhanced on a regular basis and now it also comprises support at conferences, as well as sale and rental of the sound system. We are a Polish company, developed on the basis of Polish capital.

Our competences and experience have brought about cooperation with a lot of entities from outside the typical target group. Among our clients there are both big production companies, as well as advertising agencies and conference venues. The technical background allows us to fulfill both big one-off projects, as well establish permanent long-term cooperation with the most demanding partners.

From a technological perspective, the highest quality of the offered product has been assured by our strategic partner, a company from the list of Fortune 500, hence one of the biggest companies in the world. Owing to this support, we are able to offer the product of the highest quality and respond to all the potential challenges related to further development of the industry.

All devices offered by our company meet the norms of the "New Approach" Directive and they carry the CE marking.

The guidetour brand is a registered community trade mark and as such is protected
by law in all the countries of the European Union.

is a guarantee of a high quality of services based on modern technology.