The tour guide system is a wireless set for transmitting information via radio waves. It has been created with a view to guide groups of tourists and pilgrims. It is very popular particularly in Italy, where lot of places of interest simply cannot be visited without such a device. It is also used during international conferences, simultaneous interpretation and business meeting.

The above terminology is most often used to differentiate between the systems which require a manual operation of the guide (tour guide system) and those which automatically play a recording prepared earlier and do not transmit "live" (audio guide system). GuideTour systems belong to the first category.

There are a lot of places where group visits are only possible with the use of headphone sets. Such regulations exist for example in Italy, where the service has become really popular. In Italy group visits are not allowed into many places without the mentioned system. Among other places those are the following:

  • St. John Lateran's Basilica in Rome
  • the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls
  • the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome
  • the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi
  • the Sanctuary in San Giovanni Rotondo

Also a lot of guiding groups make their services dependent on the possession of headphones. This is the case, e.g. in Rome, Florence, Pompeii or Venice. Due to unquestionable benefits of using such a solution, more and more groups and places have recently decided to introduce an obligation of using the system. Obviously, the Guide Tour system meets all the requirements.

Using an interactive form on our website, you can specify your needs and send an inquiry to us. We will contact you in order to answer all your questions and agree on the details of the order. Then we ask you to send us a signed Agreement - Order completed in accordance with all our arrangements. After accepting the order, we send you a proforma invoice and a signed copy of the agreement and we prepare a relevant set for you. Within a few days from the moment of payment for the order, you will receive the devices together with the final invoice.
Of course. We set the amount of a discount individually, depending on the size of the order. As standard, negotiations are possible with an order of above EUR 3,500 net. We appreciate our reliable partners and contractors.
The needs regarding the guiding of groups are individual, depending on the type of activity conducted by our ordering party. The groups visiting production halls and plants usually consist of a few dozens of people. At conference meeting there are often more than 100 participants. As most coaches are adjusted to transport up to 50 people, tourist groups most often consist of about 50 participants. Therefore, for those involved in the tourism industry, it is recommended to have at least 50 receivers. A minimum necessary for creating one set comprises one transmitter, yet it is recommended to purchase two. As every activity generates different needs, we leave it to our clients to make their decision concerning the choice of components. This is why the Guide Tour set may be freely configured to best suit your needs.
Yes. We also provide renting services of GuideTour systems. An Ordering party specifies in the rental agreement the number of necessary receivers and the rental period. We deliver them to the Client at our cost, always supplying them with batteries and headphones. The Ordering party only covers the cost of renting the receivers in accordance with the agreed daily rate. The costs of operating the transmitter and the cost of sending the set back to us are also covered by our company. Details can be found on our website.
Yes. We can also provide support with operating the system during conferences and meetings. This will mean that the devices will be delivered by a person who will help to prepare the system to use, hand it out, collect it back and deal with it while in use. Such a service is subject to an additional fee.
Yes. A lot of our clients use GuideTour when organizing international meetings. If necessary, we can enhance the system with the suitable accessories which will enable a more efficient interpretation, even into a number of languages at the same time. Since the GuideTour systems are portable, it is also possible to use it at conferences taking place at unusual venues, such as in tents or outdoors.
No. You can rent any number of devices, even for one day. However, due to the fact that our company covers the cost of sending the system, as well as the costs of preparing the system for use, there is a minimum fee. It is always indicated in the rental agreement and at the moment it is EUR 200.00 net.
The sales offer of the GuideTour system is addressed to professionals: travel agencies, tourist guides, museums, as well as entrepreneurs outside the tourism industry. Purchasing a professional system for conveying information will support your activity directly, as well as contribute to a better image of the company. This is why it should be treated as an investment which will enrich the quality of services you provide. Both the purchase of the devices, as well as renting them creates the same excellent effect for your guests or clients. The purchase involves a one-off payment of a bigger amount, yet gives you full independence. The rental, in turn, does not entail any significant costs, yet requires making a relevant order in advance. When renting the system, the organizers may charge the participants of the event with the price of rental.
The Buyer of our devices is granted protection in the form of the seller's warranty. Apolion, as the seller, grants the quality warranty of the sold goods on the basis of the existing legal regulations, in particular Article 556 - Article 576 of the Civil Code. In practice, we always try to take into consideration the needs and expectations of our clients. In the event of failure of any of the GuideTour system devices, due to a hidden defect discovered within one year from the date of purchase, we immediately exchange the device for a new one.
Yes. Both when buying or renting GuideTour devices, you can specify all the necessary elements of the set as required. It is a module system. This means that its components can be freely changed or added without any impact on its way of functioning. For instance, an originally purchased set of 40 receivers can freely be complemented with an additional 10, in order to enhance the set. Also, when renting the set, you can order additional transmitters and receivers, for example when the number of people in the group increases. All you have to do is tune the devices to the right channel.
Yes. Yes. All of our systems have manual frequency control features and at least a dozen of independent sound transmission channels. The user can always tune in to an adequate frequency. It is important to remember that in order to maintain communication within a group the transmitter and the receivers have to be set on the same frequency.
Yes. All devices of the GuideTour systems use a specially encoded radio signal in order to be as resistant to interference as possible. However, we live surrounded by a growing number of devices using radio frequencies. It may therefore happen that the signals will collide in a given environment. In order to avoid this problem, it is recommended to switch the transmitter off and on from time to time, especially when changing the venue, for instance when leaving a cathedral. The device will re-code the transmitted signal, which will improve the quality of transmission.
GuideTour XT is a digital system based on a modern technology. What does it mean for the user? First and foremost, a crystal clear sound transmission. Digital transmissions are far clearer and more audible. Secondly, there is a very high range. An effective range of transmission for the XT-T1 transmitter is about 100 meters. It is more than necessary for guiding groups. The third distinguishing aspect is the stability of the signal. Thanks to a digital sound transmission, GuideTour XT is fully resistant to interference.
XT systems function based on a digital signal. For the sake of simplification, it can be said that the transmitted sound is transformed into a string of numbers. The coded information is sent to the receiver, where it is decoded and transformed in such a way that it is understandable to the recipient. In practice, this means a higher stability of the signal, a crystal clear quality of sound transmission and a high resistance to interference. Owing to the use of digital technology, the system is one of the most modern on the market.
Both systems are set out to fulfill the same task and have similar function. Both systems are digital, which means a high range and minimal interference. Since the transmitters and receivers are designed in the same technology, they can be mixed according to your needs. The difference is the power supply. GuideTour XT system is powered by replaceable alkaline batteries, meanwhile AT system has a in-built lithium-ion cells that can be charged using special charging suitcase or a wall charger.
A hygienic headphone, which is a part of equipment of GT-R1 receiver, allows receiving the transmission. Its hygienic quality refers to its external use - the headphone is not put into an ear, it adheres to it.
The H1 hygienic headphone is designed to be worn only on one ear. Such a limitation is intended for the purpose of stability of the headphone. Its proper profiling and secure hinge make it impossible for it to slide of the ear of the user, even when moving quickly from one place to another. The H2 hygienic headphone may be worn on any ear. When ordering the GuideTour devices, the Buyer may specify which headphones they prefer.