Rental of the GuideTour system

We offer rental of the GuideTour system. If you want to make the system available to your clients during a tourist trip, guide your visitors around the workplace or provide simultaneous interpretation during a conference, renting the GuideTour system is the most effective and the cheapest way of using all the advantages of a tour guide system.

  • How does it work?

    We provide our services to clients from all over Europe, regardless of the duration of rental and size of the order. Owing to extensive technical background, we fulfill big and complex orders. You have a few thousands of devices and the necessary accessories at your constant disposal. When ordering the system, you specify the details of the inquiry. You need to specify the size of the group, the duration of rental and a place of delivery. Upon the agreement on the details and the cost of the lease, an adequately prepared system is dispatched to you and delivered by a courier. In the parcel you will find all the ordered devices together with the necessary accessories, batteries, lanyards and a few backup devices. We will also attach a handover report, confirming the hand-over of the mentioned elements.

  • How much does it cost?

    The price of renting a system is set individually and is conditional upon the length of rental, the number of receivers needed and the place of delivery. Please, be advised that the length of rental does not include the days of delivery and return. We have special discount offers for companies interested in long-term cooperation. We are also open to negotiations in the case of continuous collaborations and special one-time events. The minimum rate, for short-term rent and small orders, is €200.00 net.

  • Inquiry
    Detailed conditions of renting the devices are specified in the agreement which you can download from our website. To get a quote for renting a system or make a preliminary inquiry, please use the form below.



  • Additional possibilities

    Apart from standard fulfillment of individual orders of the GuideTour set, we also offer other forms of cooperation.

  • Seasonal rental

    This offer is addressed especially to travel agencies. We provide our clients with tour guide devices throughout the whole year. As a permanent partner you will receive a guarantee of having the services provided during the peaks of tourist season, a simplified form of making orders, a short order processing time and a preferential daily rate.

  • Long-term rental

    A form of cooperation addressed to companies and institutions which have a need of using the system on a long-term basis. Long-term rental means having the ordered set and the necessary accessories at your disposal for minimum 30 days. The devices remain our property, yet the renting entity handles operation of the devices. This involves a necessity of covering exploitation costs preparing the devices on your own, yet in return we offer an absolutely exceptional daily rate, much lower than the standard rate. There is also a possibility of renting charging cases.

To discuss individual conditions of cooperation, please contact us on via phone or e-mail.