Sale of the Tour Guide System

You can purchase high quality portable sound systems for group guiding, so called tour guide systems. All our devices are designed and created with demanding European clients in mind. They are distinguished by a meticulous workmanship, reliability and ease of use. They also comply with the norms of the "New Approach" directive and carry the EC conformity marking. We stock and provide a wide range of earphones and microphones; hence GuideTour systems can be used for guided tours as well as simultaneous interpretation systems.

  • GuideTour XT System

    GuideTour XT is a tourguide for those who are demanding. This modern system for guiding is designed for professionals who value devices of the highest quality and expect a high level of reliability. It is a fully digital system, which means a better quality of sound transmission, a high range and full stability. Just like all our products, GuideTour XT carries the EC conformity marking and naturally can be legally used in the European Union. Thanks to a digitally enhanced sound transmission GuideTour XT works perfectly with groups of tourists even larger than a 100 people. The stability of transmission makes it particularly suited for simultaneous interpretation.

  • GuideTour AT System

    GuideTour AT is an updated version of the XT system and maintains the best features of a digital device: it is equally reliable and efficient as its predecessor. They are distinguished by a high range, crystal clear sound and a stable transmission. The main difference between the two options is the power supply; the AT system has an in-built lithium-ion cells, that can be charged using wall chargers or charging cases. Both, AT-R1 and AT-R2 receivers are currently the best looking tourguides on the market.

  • Accessories

    Our offer is not limited to sound equipment only; we also supply universal accessories which can easily be used with all the audio devices. You can choose from a wide range of headphones and microphones to best suit your needs. Invariably, the main feature of all the components is their high quality.

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