Use of the GuideTour system

  • Tourism

    Systems of tourguide type were created with tourism in mind. Also GuideTour is aimed first and foremost at entities connected with the tourism industry. Its possibilities of use for tourist guides, tour leader, travel agencies and tourist places have been discussed in detail on relevant sites. Apart from the above mentioned, the GuideTour system is also a good solution for other events. It will facilitate conveying knowledge wherever there is noise, for instance, in the vicinity of waterfalls. It is also an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who provide guiding services and sightseeing packages, e.g. those who transport passengers by electric carts or cabs. With the help of the Guide Tour system, information can be conveyed more quietly, which is of great significance in national parks or natural reserves. Together we can create tourism without disturbance.

  • Visits at factories and places with high levels of noise

    Sometimes during a visit of a foreign contractor or a potential partner, it is necessary to demonstrate production or technological processes in places with a higher level of noise. In such situations the GuideTour system is ideal for conveying the necessary information to the visitors. Comfortable conditions in which the host guides the guests will not remain unnoticed. Our tourguide system will also allow conducting an efficient training course of new employees in their new working environment. The system can also prove to be useful when developing the qualifications of employees and organizing on-site training courses. GuideTour is not only irreplaceable equipment and advanced technology; we also stand for an extensive experience which resulted in cooperation with numerous respected companies, such as PKN Orlen or Mondelez.

  • Conferences and training courses

    Wherever there is a need to convey information precisely, the GuideTour system can be relied upon. At all kinds of conferences, training courses or working meetings the recipients can hear the speaker precisely and clearly, and hence misunderstandings can be avoided and meetings can run more smoothly. Thanks to a module construction and flexibility of the system, the participants of a meeting can, e.g. work in smaller groups in order to present the results of their work to all the participants later on. In other cases, the recipients may choose a relevant channel in order to follow the reports which are of interest to them and which are presented at the same time. The GuideTour system may be adapted to the needs of a given conference.

  • Simultaneous interpretation

    The GuideTour system may turn out to be particularly useful during conferences or international meetings. Simultaneous interpretation allows all the participants of a event to fully partake in it. The organizer assigns a proper number of channels of the GuideTour system for sending information in different languages. Interpreters of given languages transfer this information by means of transmitters via previously defined channels. The recipients, by choosing a relevant channel in receiver, get the information in the selected language. It is an easy and affordable measure of providing the participants of an international conference with an effective way to receive information.

  • Sport and recreation

    The GuideTour system also works very well during practising some sports and during active recreation. It can turn out to be very useful during quad expeditions, enabling the participants to listen to the leader instructions. Likewise, lovers of cycling expeditions can maintain contact via GuideTour. They will particularly appreciate it on narrow paths or in traffic. Our equipment is also successfully used by users of vehicles of Segway type. The appropriately combined elements of the system will create a set ideal for fitness, aerobics or other sports instructors.

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